Movers Equipment

Learn more about our moving equipment.

What Equipment Do We Use?

Express Moving uses equipment specifically designed to reduce the handling involved in your move. We maintain an inventory of rolling stock, which allows us to create a continuous flow of material moving from your old to new location.

Dollies: Four wheel dollies make it possible to move most pieces of furniture and equipment with one person instead of two, significantly reducing the amount of labor necessary to do a move.

Machine Carts: These three shelf carts are used for moving personal computers, office machines, supply areas, parts inventories and other bulky items. These carts offer protection, utility and convenience.

Library Carts: Similar to a machine cart with shelves on both sides, library carts are used for relocating books, open files or other areas requiring that material be moved in sequential order. These carts hold up to 32 linear feet of material.

Panel Carts: Designed for office partitions and components, a panel cart is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment available to us. Excellent also for table tops, large glass, and other flat material.

Picture Carts: Picture carts allow us to move artwork, pictures, bulletin and white boards safely, with minimal time spent wrapping and packing.

Masonite: Masonite is used to cover tile floors, offering property protection while increasing the speed and efficiency of the movers.

Additional: Power tools, roll-a-lifts, pallet jacks, hand trucks, appliance dollies, shrink-wrap, desk risers are other types of equipment used regularly in our work.