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Experienced File Moving

We provide experienced file moving crews and at low hourly rates, We use Double-sided rolling file carts, they are used for safe and rapid movement of files and computer systems.

These Carts eliminate the need for labor-intensive packing, moving, and unpacking and additional carton expenses. File Systems are done quickly, with minimum impact to your business.

We can save $100’s of dollars in cardboard boxes and wasted labor that is not necessary with our file carts and experienced file moving crews.

We can move documents and records while maintaining your filing systems order. We can also move systems and shelving out of the way so that you can renovate your office space or re-carpet, and still be able to access your current files. We also offer moving services for office furniture, File Rooms and computer systems and PC’s. We are set up for moving your offices effeciantly. 

Office file moving
Files in an office after we moved them in.