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Make sure you're properly prepared to move.
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Your Complete Office Move Checklist

• Is your desk empty?
• Are your supply cabinets packed?
• Are all wall items labeled?
• Are breakable items properly packed?
• Is the equipment in your office disconnected?
• Have you backed up computer data?
• Are your computer components properly disconnected and labeled?
• Are the “Do Not Move” tags placed?
• Are all liquids drained from your equipment?
• Are your desk pads and chair pads tagged?
• Is everything tagged properly or marked?
• Are labels placed in a visible area?
• Are all shelves on the bookcases labeled?
• Are pegs removed and packed in a box?
• Is your office floor plan complete?
• Are your office doors marked?
• Are the diagrams of the offices posted at your new location?

By using this check list you will start your office move off on the right path!