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Successful Office                   Moving

A successful move does not occur by chance. It is the result of through planning and attention to all details. Proper execution requires a plan, clearly defined goals and assignments of responsibility. The success of the move is directly related to the quality of the planning that preceded it.

Relocation Goals:
Disruption to your business is kept to a minimum.
Computers, furniture and equipment are moved safely.
Move is completed “on time and within budget.”

The purpose of the “move plan” is to keep your business focused on identifying strategies to reduce downtime and educating people about proper move procedures.

The Challenge Of Office Moving

An Office move is the end of a long process that began with the decision to improve your business. This process allows companies to evaluate many of the ways they do business. It also represents a challenge; one that brings great opportunities for success, and plenty of anxiety.

System For Tagging & Marking

The process of tagging furniture and boxes is the first step in a logical yet simple move plan. The idea is to prepare the move to flow in a easily and in a fluid manner. All item’s to be moved should be identified and labeled so that it may be placed by your mover. The tag also instructs a mover how to handle that item, for example: Location (where the item is going) Sequence (one color may proceed another) Do Not Move (directive to the mover) Storage (directive to the mover) Contents (directive to the unpacker).

We Supply The “Office Tags”

Placement of furniture and equipment at your new facility will be identified by number or name. When coding the floor plan each person and each area being moved must be identified with a single name or number. To identify placement, a floor plan with the proper room numbers must be affixed to the entrance of each individual area and/or room at your new location. Everything should be tagged! For example; when a desk has a removable return, both pieces are tagged. Each piece of computer equipment is tagged (i.e.: monitor, CPU, bagged keyboard and cable bundle). Everything should be tagged no matter how seemingly inconsequential (i.e.: floor mats, white boards, trash cans, etc…). Items without a tag will not be moved. The tagging means less supervision will be required at your new location (remember; the mover’s time is your money). Tagging and Floor Plans will be a key factor in an organized and efficient move. It will save your company time and money.

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