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Our Warehouse Facilities

Your furniture is wrapped in furniture pads and stored in these secure vaults. Our warehouse facilities offer safe, secure storage that provide your items with protection from the elements. You only pay for the storage you need gone are the days of having to rent 10×20 storage’s when you only have a few boxes and entertainment center to store!

Storage in Bakersfield could not be easier than at Express Moving and Storage. Give us a call today for safe, secure, vaulted storage.

Take a Look at Convenient and Detailed Moving and Storage Solutions


You will need convenient and customizable moving and storage services for your next move. There are so many different aspects to consider, and the logistics can overwhelm even the most organized person. The need for storage and warehousing is often overlooked until the very last minute. Express Moving has been helping clients in Bakersfield, CA over the years by coordinating relocations and anticipating storage needs. We organize all the details, so you never need to worry about the security of your goods.


Storage is a vital component of most relocation plans. Often a new residence is not available because of a gap in closing times or the need to clean and redecorate before moving in. Sometimes you are downsizing and need to store items while you decide what to keep. Maybe you are saving furniture or family heirlooms for your kids to take someday. Whatever your reasons, Express Moving provides reliable, clean, extensive options to keep everything you own secure and easily accessible.


Moving and Storage Services

  • Short-Term Storage
  • Long-Term Storage
  • Furniture Storage
  • Large Exercise Equipment Storage
  • Antique and Fine Art Storage
  • Personal Goods Storage

Commercial relocations also have a need for storage when there is a gap in closing or excess inventory. Express Moving provides convenient door-to-door delivery, so you have all the storage you need and time to focus on your business.


Commercial Storage Services

  • Short- and Long-Term Storage
  • Office Furniture Storage
  • Business Equipment Storage
  • Electronic Equipment Storage
  • Document/File Storage
  • Excess Inventory Storage

Whether you are moving a business or residence across town, across the country or around the world, we are here to make your relocation a breeze. Our professional movers strive to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations for moving and storage services. From efficient packing to unpacking and assembly, you will not have to worry about a thing.


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